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Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Hello fellow explorers & welcome to the new site! My name is Sam, owner & creator of Juniper Media House, where I am the sole filmmaker & editor of a variety of videos such as travel & wedding cinematography. Backpacking for over 6 years (and counting!), I’ve had the chance to experience so many wonderful cultures & taste delicious worldly cuisines. Quickly, I learned to combine my passion for videography with my love of food & travel.

If you don’t know me yet, one thing I love most in life is adventuring in & around new spaces with my cameras in hand. Who doesn’t love soaking in the sun on a warm beach or bundling up on top of the highest of mountains, eating local colorful cuisine or hearing incredible stories from all sorts of people. Rather I jump on a bus, train, or plane wandering around home or an unfamiliar land, I cherish all new experiences the same!

In the future, this blog will be full of colorful photos, videos, and experiences I would like to share with you as I travel across the globe. My two favorite love bugs, travel partners & insanely gorgeous cat children (no bias of course ;P ) Simon & Benji, will no doubt make their way onto this blog from time to time. If you want to know how & where I travel with my cats, what gear I shoot with, travel tips, or simply want to grab drink with me, I hope this blog will benefit you and your travel cinematography needs.

Most of early 2019 will be spent between Chicago, IL & Playa Del Carmen Mexico. If you have any suggestions of where I should head to after, tell me! I am always looking for new sights to inspire my craft.

Can’t wait to get the ball rolling (or hands typing?) for this blog! I’m exciting to share these tips & experiences with you all. Check back soon to see what’s posted! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook at Juniper Media House, or stay up to date with our blog by signing up for our newsletter below.